Have fun learning
English online in 3D
with your friends!



An immersive education you will remember!

Innovative online courses for immersive learning.

Learn with Friends

Learn and practice language skills with your friends in safe and social virtual environments.

Relevant Classes

Professional instructors will teach you American English as it is used in the real world.

3D Environments

Immerse yourself in beautiful virtual worlds, and remember what you learn through your experiences.

Fully Connected Experience

Enjoy camera, voice, or text-based communication with the instructor and your classmates.

Virtual World Classrooms

Enjoy classrooms that are not restricted to chairs and chalkboards. Explore beautiful virtual worlds with your class. Learn about travel from the inside of an airport, order food from within a restaurant, or shop for new fashions in a clothing store. Virtually immersive language learning is proven to help students recall what they learn.

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What would learning English do for you?

  • English speakers can expect a lifetime earnings increase of as much as 300%.
  • English speakers experience greater global job opportunities.
  • English is the language of the Internet, international business, and programming.
  • Immersive 3D learning is proven to help people master a language in context.