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The most exciting, immersive, and effective language-learning app ever.

The World isn't Flat.

Language learning shouldn't be either.

Fluent Worlds

Why FluentWorlds?

Because outdated techniques are simply not effective. Enjoy learning new languages in 3D. Our innovative teaching technology leverages the power of immersion and interaction in simulated "real world" environments. This transformative method accelerates learning and enhances memory.Learn More

Life isn't two-dimensional.

Why is your web conferencing?

FluentWorlds Academy

FluentWorlds Academy and 3Dmeet

Full 3-dimensional learning and conferencing within environments that engage audiences and encourage interaction.Learn More

How EFFECTIVE is your Personal Tutor?

Our technology speaks for itself.

Perfect Accent

Why Perfect Accent?

Created by the brains of the man behind the Amazon Alexa, PerfectAccent is a brilliant, kind, and gentle tutor for your American accent. Take advantage of the world's smartest voice-recognition software and fast-track your learning!Learn More

Open the DOOR

To your future job, promotion, and salary.



Multi-lingual speakers are more likely to have an income increase of up to 300%.


This immersive, 3D, virtual language-learning system helps people master a language in context.


Speaking multiple languages can open oportunities in a variety of contexts: international business, and programming to name a few.


Multi-lingual speakers experience better global job opportunities.

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