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Learn English anytime, anywhere!

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The 3,000 Most Commonly Used Words

Learn 3,000 of the most commonly used English words in a realistic video game setting.

Three Skill Levels

Choose from three skill levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Practical Dictionary Reference

Quickly reference words and phrases in our in-game lexicon with English or native search functions.


Real Time Pronunciation Analysis

Enjoy real-time pronunciation analysis built by the father of Amazon Alexa.

Progress Tracker

Track your progress and learned words through the dictionary function.

Real Life Situations

Increase your ability to remember and speak in real-life situations.



"I have tried Duolingo and Babbel but I really couldn't keep it up, because it's very dull and I start forgetting words. They are a flat learning journey. FluentWorlds is very unique to me, and I think it will be a disruption! I definitely feel more engaged to be in a 3D environment."- Ana
"Every week, I am making tremendous progress on my English conversation. FluentWorlds is the fastest and more enjoyable way to learn English!"- Leonardo.
"I was testing the Fluentworlds app and I find it incredible! It's very useful and fun! It has been of great help to me to expand my vocabulary...it is amazing, thank you so much!"- Juan

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Learn English in an immersive 3D environments, as you explore everyday scenarios.


FluentWorlds Academy

No Limitations!

Enjoy learning in classrooms that are not restricted to chairs, tables, and blackboards.

An immersive education system you can't forget!

Explore magnificent virtual worlds with your classmates. Learn about traveling from inside an airport, about ordering food from inside a restaurant, or about purchasing new fashion items at a clothing store. Our immersive virtual language-learning system is proven to help students remember what they learn in class.

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Learn English in 3D

Immersion in our online, virtual-world environments creates a complete language learning experience.


American Instructors

Our American instructors will guide you and your class on your language learning journey.


Accelerated Learning

Immersion plus speech recognition equals a faster learning experience.


More Effective Learning Experience

3D learning is proven to be more effective than traditional classrooms.



Receive your own personalized voice print

Your custom voice print provides a visual map to evaluate your current pronunciation and creates baseline from which to progress.

Receive personalized phrases to suit you

Our artificial intelligence-based system is customizable and provides the words and sentences you need most to refine your pronunciation.

Learn industry-specific words and phrases

Perfect Accent includes hundreds of specific categories of words and phrases so you can practice with the most relevant content for your life and work.


Perfect your pronunciation and expand your specialized vocabulary.

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